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  • 12 days are so many!! I probably could not attend the full convention…
    No problem: each participant can freely choose whether to take part to the full convention or stay just for a few days.
  • Mountain Folding is a commercial event?
    No! We don’t have sponsors or funds, so the participation fees will be needed for organizational expenses and the purchase of paper and useful material for the entire period; in addition each participant will receive a pack of good quality paper and some gadgets.
    In case some cash is left over, it will be used for coffee breaks or we will decide together with the participants how to use it.
  • How much does the registration fee cost? Do other members of my family need to pay for taking part to the extra-origami activities?
    The fee covers all the convention activities, the needed material, a pack of good quality paper and some gadgets.
    If you take part at the convention for 4 days or less, the fee is 60€.
    If you take part at the convention for a period between 5 and 8 days, the fee is 75€.
    If you take part at the convention for 9 days or more, the fee is 90€.
    Companions and family members can participate to the extra-origami activities for free.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    The registrations will be open until the 2th July, but starting from 15th July the fee will be increased by 10 € for organizational reasons. In any case we suggest you not to be too late in the reservation for choosing the accomodation which most fits your needs among a greater variety of solutions.



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