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We have a winner!!!

The model is titled “Madness”, by Nicolás Gajardo!

View all the contest entries HERE.

Check out the contest results HERE.

The contest consists of creating an original model, inspired and related to the convention idea. The winning model, chosen by a public votation, will become the Mountain Folding official image, and it could be used for gadgets and promotional material about the convention. The prize will be the free registration to Mountain Folding or, alternatively, in a pack of high-quality paper and the event gadgets.



  • The models must be new, specifically designed for this event; previously published models won’t be accepted.
  • Any starting shape can be used, also multi-sheets, without using glue or cuts; it’s allowed to use MC or similar products in the final shaping.
  • Any subject pertinent with Mountain Folding is allowed: alpine animals or plants, a logo or symbol for the convention, people performing mountain summer activities…
  • Any kind of model will be accepted: single-sheet representational, modulars, tessellations, crumpling…
  • The winner will be asked to send us the CP of his model and will allow us to use pictures and the CP as the convention “logo” and for the official material; in any case, the author keeps all the rights on his model.


  • Any participant can submit at most three different models.
  • The model pictures must have uniform background, without writings indicating the author name, to keep the models anonymous.
  • The high-resolution pictures must be sent by email to [email protected] before May, 25th 2014.
  • For each model, participants must send at least 3 pictures and all its relevant details (kind of paper used, sheet and model size, shape and number of sheets, finishing products or techniques used…)
  • Please, do not share or publish pictures of the submitted models elsewhere before the voting end.


  • The pictures of the participating models will be published anonymously, without the author name, on the event fb page and on “The Origami Forum“: the voting will be open for a week, from 26th to Saturday 31st May and, during this period, anyone will be able to express one or more preferences, in the form of fb “likes” or votes in the forum.
  • Following some suggestions we received, we decided to add a technical jury to the contest, in order to obtain a judgment more honest and less manipulable. The judges will be 5 renowned origamists, not involved in the organization of the convention and the competition in order to ensure the neutrality of their judgment.
    During the vote week, each judge will choose their favourite 5 models, assigning 5 points to the first, 4 points to the second, and so on. The same rule will be applied to the models receiving more preferences on Facebook and the forum, for a total of 7 distinct rankings.
  • On Sunday, 1st June, the votes of the 5 judges and the people’s choices ones will be summed up, and the winner will be declared.

The members of the technical jury are:

David Brill

Willie G. Crespo

Roberto Morassi (CDO founder)

Dáša Ševerová

Nicolas Terry


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