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title: “Landscape with village”
author: Roberto Gretter
paper: An uncut, 50 cm square of tissue paper.
notes: The finished model is about 25x20x30 cm.

in progress…


title: “MountainFolding skyline”
author: Martin Rohrmann
paper: A 1:4 rectangle of simple copy paper 80gsm.
notes: “The model itslef show just a skyline of the mountains.
But with a bit of imagination you can read mountain folding in it.”


title: “Mountain Folding logo”
author: Hoàng Tiến Quyết


title: “The path of origami”
author: Alessandra Lamio
paper: a square of green crumpled tissue paper (26 x 26 cm) glued to a square of light blue Fabriano paper (22 x 22 cm, 220 gr)
notes: a simple hypothesis of logo… a 3D path that starts in a mountain pass and the profile of the mountains that draws a M as the first letter of “Mountain Folding”





title: “Mountain grizzly bear”
author: Yevgen Nahirna
paper: Folded from a 35×35 sheet of elephant hide paper in 5 hours
Shaped with mc and binder clips. The finished model is 10 cm tall and 20 cm wide
notes: I designed a part of the model based on box pleating and on a 22.5 degree structure. The variation allowed me to more accurately capture the essence of the subject which, for me, was based in the head of the model, which is why I tried to make it more detailed. Since such bears are largely endangered in the mountains, I dodn’t want to give the subject an aggressive feel and wanted to depict one of caution. Finally, I used diagonal symmetry because it seemed like the intuitive choice for an open belly model and allowed me to lengthen the main body – adding to the efficiency of the result.





title: Sunrise on the mountains: “The sun is rising, it’s time to fold”
author: Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva
paper: folded from 40×40 cm tissue+foil+tissue sandwich paper. The final size is 15cmx25cm (HxW)
notes: While designing this model I wanted to create something both symbolic and functional.
The main description of the ‘Mountain Folding’ activity says that it is going to be «an experience wider than the traditional origami conventions». This brought me to the idea of creating Sunrise model. In many cultures the rising of the sun symbolizes a new beginning and knowledge. So, I think, the main meaning of my model can be “the sunrise of classical art”.
Thanks to the mini pockets inside, it turns to 3D model with penholder. And you can put note papers or even small program or flyer inside it.





title: “Snowy Mountains”
author: Atilla Yurtkul
paper: Grey Rhino paper (110 gsm), 20 x 20 cm
(finished model: 12 x 5,5 cm)
notes: Reading the book helps us to understand what we are and what we have to do. Books are very important equipment to climb to the mountain of life. So, reading and climbing mountains is somehow the same: when finished, no one in the world can see you, but you can see the world.






title: “Squirrel on a log”
author: Alessandro Beber
paper: An uncut duo 48 cm square of “sandwich paper”, made with thai mulberry paper and aluminium foil
notes: Inspired by a woodprint by M.C. Escher.


title: “Omatltepetl” (paper mountain in nahuatl, a native Mexican language)
author: Israel Sanchez
paper: single-sided and duo kami, 15 cm squares
notes: “I think it is a very simple and basic model, but my personal judges (son and daugther) immediatly agreed in that the models are a snowed mountain, a volcano, and a mountain with a lake.”


title: “Pyr”
author: Alessandro Masiero
paper: “One sheet of Elephant hide paper white painted on the inner side, and some brush on the other side (which in my though shall be completely different), triangular shape.
A triangle with side lenght of 40cm gives a model about 20cm high and 20 cm long.”
notes: “Finishing products or techniques used: achrilic colour and handfolding.”


title: “Mountain landscape”
author: Fazia Rota
paper: “I used squares of wrapping paper green on one side, about 45 cm for the largest, 25 for medium and 15 for the cap, but it is quite indifferent, depending on how you want to use; with the square of 45 cm you get a hat suitable for an adult.
For the snail a square of the same color on both sides (but it is interesting to use bicolored paper) of 5 cm.”
notes: “For this model I tried to create a model that, in addition to being well recognized, it is also easy to fold, so that it can be done even by those who are not very experienced
It was fun because once created has shown other possibilities … in the beginning it is a simple profile, opening it becomes three-dimensional; with a fold at the center can be assembled to another piece mirror, creating a more complex landscape; small and with a few modifications, it turns into a snail and fully opened in a hat dragon.”


title: “Majestic Beauty and the Glorious Beast”
author: Raymond Yeh
paper: an uncut 21.5 cm square of dual-color kami
notes: Finished 3D model measures 14.5cm x 8cm x 5cm.
“Immediate impulse was to create a mountain range for a panoramic effect and the unassuming cow that grazes on these grandiose mountains. Both are unmistakably wonderful subjects worthy of recognition and extremely relevant to the coming mountain folding activity. One will surely encounter these beautiful works of art in the lovely village of Madesimo.”


title: “Mountain folder with backpack”
author: Fazia Rota
notes: “He was born in small size, as a lapel pin; then I folded him with a large 35 cm square of elephant-hide paper. For the small crane you have to ask him.
He has a roll of paper in the backpack, for every eventuality, and he is really happy when he meets someone who wants to fold with him.”


title: “folder of mountain pastures”
author: Sébastien Limet
paper: One uncut 25cm square of elephant hide paper with arylic paint on one side.
notes: From a bird base.


title: Madness
author: Nicolás Gajardo
paper: A square of 50×50 cm (Goat), about 300 modules based on 60° for the mountain
notes: The structure for the goat is in 22,5° degrees, the reference point come out from a kite base, the structure have diagonal simetry and one different feature of the other similar aesthetically structures is that the tail for the model came from the middle of the paper and not from one corner of the square.
I don´t know exactly how many pieces I used to make the mountain but I think is about 300, probably it could be more and more but I think is a hard work without end.


title: “Why to carry a newspaper to the toilet, when you can bring some paper instead, and fold it?”
author: Graciela Vicente
paper: foil paper
notes: (the wc is a model by Gerardo Gacharna)
Made from a frog base with a 1/8 graft


title: “Mountain folded: the mountain participates in the research process and it’s somehow crossed by it”
author: Fazia Rota
paper: a 15 cm square of “rock paper” and a 5 cm square of green (duo) kraft paper.


title: “Mountain of Angels”
author: Swapnil Das
paper: a 10 inch (25cm) square of copy paper.
notes: No glue nor cutting in the process. This model is from a Water-Bomb Base and it’s quite simple to make.


title: “Why to carry a newspaper to the toilet, when you can bring some paper instead, and fold it?”
author: Graciela Vicente


title: “Alpine ibex”
author: Yevgen Nahirna
paper: a 40x40cm square sheet of elephanthide paper.
notes: Shaped with PVA glue/MC, binder clips and water (partially wet folded).
The finished model is 10cm tall and 15 cm wide.
“In the process of designing the model I wanted to use a range of different techniques to depict the characteristics of the ibex. I hence designed the CP with differing thickness in aspects of the model. This allowed me to wetfold the head and back body to give the model a more organic feel, whilst using MC/PVA to thin the layers formed in denser parts of the model, especially the legs to support the body.”


title: “la Pajarita de la Montaña”
author: Graciela Vicente
paper: duo kami, 12x27cm
notes: final size: 12cm (base), 12cm (height)


title: “see the mountain?”
author: D’ario Pedruzzi


title: “Crane on a Mountain”
author: Michael Gross
paper: 30cm square of homemade tissue-foil.
notes: Finished size: ~15 cm high, ~17 cm wide


title: “Mountain Woodstock folding”
author: Eric Vigier
paper: A 30 cm square of “elephant-hide” paper, using wet-folding.
notes: ” I tried to think about something that could be representative of the fact that MountainFolding will be cool: and I remembered I found your pic about the cow in the mountain to be very cool!
So I folded it!”

source of inspiration:


title: “Mountain Fold”
author: Michael Gross
paper: 30cm square of homemade tissue-foil, made specifically with a texture on the blue side.
notes: The finished model is about 15cm high and 18cm wide.


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  1. Todd Sovey

    Is the origami diagram for the ‘La Pajarita de la Montana’ by Graciela Vicente for sale?

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  2. Todd Sovey

    Can I buy the origami diagram for the ‘La Pajarita de la Montana’ by Graciela Vicente?

    Thanks, Todd

    [email protected]

  3. Todd Sovey

    Is the origami diagram for the ‘La Pajarita de la Montana’ by Graciela Vicente published in a book?

    Thanks, Todd – [email protected]

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