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Special Guests 2015


At this convention, the Special Guest is YOU!!!


The main purpose of Mountain Folding is to stimulate creativity and the sharing of ideas and technical solutions among participants; for this reason, everyone’s contribution is fundamental.

We aim to develop a free experience where any participant can contribute with ideas and activities to create their own perfect origami-holiday. If you want to actively help in organizing this event, we encourage you to send us comments and suggestions, to fill in the survey or directly contact us.

Here’s the list of our special guests 2015:

  • Paola Baggio, Italia, 14-21 August
  • Alessandro Beber, Italia, 12-23 agosto, webpage
  • Krystyna Burczyk, Polonia, 12-23 agosto, webpage, flickr
  • Wojtek Burczyk, Polonia, 12-23 agosto, webpage
  • Daniela Carboni, Italia, 16-23 agosto, website, fb, flickr
  • Sara Cesari, Italia, 12-23 agosto
  • Guillermo Garcia Crespo, Spagna, 20-23 agosto, webpage
  • Joel Garcia Moix, Spagna, 18-23 agosto, webpage
  • Alessandra Lamio, Italia, 12-23 agosto, website, flickr
  • Alessio Minini, Italia, 13-23 agosto
  • Roberto Morassi, Italia, 18-23 agosto
  • Carmen Polcaro, Spagna, 20-23 agosto
  • Martin Rohrmann, Germania, 12-23 agosto, webpage
  • Alberto Romeo, Italia, 14-21 agosto
  • Giuseppe Pepe Romeo, Italia 14-21 agosto
  • Fazia Rota, Italia, ?? agosto



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