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Mountain Folding 2015 will take place in August, 12th to 23st



The main purpose of Mountain Folding is stimulating creativity and sharing ideas and technical solutions among the participants and, moreover, to create a container in which everyone can actively contribute ideas and actions to realize their ideal origami vacation.
It is a very different experience from a traditional convention, more like a holiday between origami enthusiasts, with a much more relaxed timing: the folding activities are often alternated with outdoor activities, excursions and walks.
During the convention we will decide together what to do day by day according to the interests of the attendees and the weather conditions, choosing from a list of suggested folding and outdoor activities and workshops organized or proposed by participants.
We chose to opt for this “self-managed” system to allow the group to better express their preferences and create a customized holiday. It takes some time to decide, a little bit of patience and a good attitude to discussing; however, the results was very interesting and encouraged us to replicate this modality once again.

Proposed Origami Activities:

Guided workshops on creation (individual / in groups / extemporaneous)
Introduction to CP / Advanced CP
Grafting technique: theory, examples, application cases and free experimentations
Splitting Points technique: theory, examples, application cases and free experimentations
Free drawing with folds
Masks: basic elements, free experimentations
Tessellations: basic elements, free experimentations / Advanced tessellations
Unit origami games: playing with changes on a unit
Crumpling technique: examples, application cases and free experimentations
Wet folding: examples and free experimentations

The difficulty of the workshops will be adapted according to the experience level of the attendant folders; if required, it will be possible to juxtapose an easier one with its “advanced” version.

During the convention there will also be a table equipped with the necessary material for the preparation of the paper (methylcellulose, brushes, spray glue, aluminum …), freely available to all the participants. It will be possible to realize specific workshops on the preparation of paper and coloration techniques.

In addition to these workshops, there will be a list of activities proposed by the participants.
To ensure that everyone is not a mere spectator but a protagonist of the meeting, we suggest several possibilities of active participation:

Bring your unfinished models (created models that do not meet some desired aspects or an idea that you could not realize): you will teach the first steps and then we will try to continue joining together our different skills.

Propose your workshops or activities
The ideal workshop consists of a first part in which you teach a model, a unit, or a technique; a second part in which we all experience with changes and new creations from what was learned; a final part where we compare the results obtained and fold together the most interesting ones.

Teach your favourite model: it will be a way to know us better and even in this case it will be possible to try to play with it and modify it.

Ask for specific models or techniques that you would like to learn.


In addition there will be some outdoor extra-origami activities, as a visit to the Valcava Alpine Garden with a botanist, walkings and excursions, to have fun together and take inspiration from the observation of Nature.


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